High Performance Dedicated Server

Why High Performance Dedicated Server

High Performance Server

Powerful Compute

Servers can be adapted to high and critical workloads. CPUs with up to 64 cores can be configured with high bandwidth and large memory capacity.

High Performance Server

Hot Swap Disks

You can change or add different types of disks without service interruptions and server reboot. It guarantees optimal uptime for your service.

High Performance Server

Availability and Reliability

Our platform includes a redundant physical network to guarantee you servers availability and uptime. High bandwidth options combined with a redundant network provide high availability.

High Performance Server

Attractive Pricing

Get high performance servers for your business without the high costs. We offer optimal options with a good price-performance ratio.

Pricing Server


2x Intel 12-Core Xeon Silver 4214 128GB DDR4 2x480GB SSD 10 TB $ 349.19 USA BUY NOW
2x Intel 16-Core Xeon Gold 5218 128GB DDR4 2x960GB SSD 10 TB $ 421.94 USA BUY NOW
2x AMD 24-Core EPYC 7402 128GB DDR4 2x960GB SSD 10 TB $ 480.14 USA BUY NOW
1x AMD 16-Core EPYC 7302P 64GB DDR4 2x240GB SSD 30 TB $ 141.14 UNITED KINGDOM BUY NOW
2x Intel Octa-Core Xeon E5-2650V2 128GB DDR3 2x240GB SSD 30 TB $ 131.91 UNITED KINGDOM BUY NOW
2x Intel Deca-Core Xeon E5-2630v4 128GB DDR4 2x1TB SATA 30 TB $ 171.48 UNITED KINGDOM BUY NOW
1x Intel Quad-Core Xeon E5-1620v4 32GB DDR4 2x240GB SSD 30 TB $ 75.89 NETHERLANDS BUY NOW
1x Intel Hexa-Core Xeon E-2286G 64GB DDR4 2x960GB SSD 30 TB $ 114.99 NETHERLANDS BUY NOW
1x AMD 16-Core EPYC 7302P 64GB DDR4 2x480GB SSD 30 TB $ 169.04 NETHERLANDS BUY NOW